Internships Role in Shaping Saudi Women’s Educational Journeys

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a wave of structured development across all its sectors, and its ambitious women are at the forefront of this development. Education, long regarded as the core of empowerment, is undergoing a fascinating transformation. One aspect, quietly but powerfully reshaping this landscape is the rise of internships for Saudi women.

Traditionally, education often focused on theoretical knowledge, with limited practical exposure. This disconnect between textbooks and reality could leave graduates feeling unprepared for the professional world. However, Dar Al-Hekma University ensures that all of its programs have internships, bridging the gap between academic learning and workplace application.

For Saudi women, internships offer more than just practical skills. They act as stepping stones, dismantling barriers and paving the way for a new generation of female leaders. Here’s how:

1.  Transitioning From the Comfort Zone

Internships are challenging environments that take Saudi women away from their comfort zone and give them a trial of what entering the workforce is actually like. Dar Al-Hekma ensures all of her alumnae get to experience an internship before they graduate, as internships are invaluable, especially in practical fields pursued after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

2.  Building Confidence and Competence

Stepping into a professional environment, even under an internship, instills confidence. Women learn to navigate office dynamics, interact with colleagues, and tackle work-related challenges. They overcome the initial timidity, replacing it with a newfound sense of self-assuredness. This confidence, coupled with the skills they acquire, makes them formidable contenders in the job market.

3.  Networking and Mentorship

Internships open doors to professional networks, making them invaluable assets for any career aspirant. A young woman interning at a law firm will be able to connect with senior lawyers and absorb their wisdom. These connections can blossom into mentorships, providing guidance and support throughout her career. By building these networks, Saudi women pave the way for their peers, creating a supportive ecosystem for future generations.

4.  Unmasking the Workplace:

For many Saudi women, the corporate world can seem intimidating. Internships unmask this world, offering a glimpse into its workings. From understanding office etiquette to navigating company culture, interns gain invaluable insights. This firsthand experience reduces anxiety and makes them feel more comfortable transitioning into full-time roles.

5.  Developing New Skills

While interning, Saudi women get the chance to develop a skill set relevant to their chosen field. This could include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and other industry-specific skills, such as accounting software, hospitality management, etc.

6.  Explore Career Options

Internships can help students determine if their chosen field is the right fit for them, as they provide a firsthand look at the day-to-day work and help interns decide if they’re interested in pursuing it long-term. This is a benefit for both enterprises and individuals alike, as it helps juniors limit the time wasted in fields they’re not passionate about and helps companies hire suitable candidates.

7.  Increase Job Prospects

Speaking of hiring, having an internship mentioned on a resume can make the applicant appear as a more attractive candidate to employers. It shows they’re proactive, motivated, and have experience in the same field. In that light, graduates are more likely to land the job they desire if they complete an internship during their studies.

The Road Ahead

Ensuring access to diverse, quality internships across all fields is crucial. That’s why the internships offered by – are great opportunities for both companies and students alike, as they provide women with the necessary experience and allow corporations to train individuals with the possibility of keeping them as full-time employees post-graduation.

With every internship, women are becoming more skilled in the fields they possess a passion for, paving the way to a brighter future where the workforce is more inclusive than ever before.


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