Singapore Nirvana Price: A Comprehensive Guide

Knowing the price of a product is an important consideration. In the case of the Singapore Nirvana, it is an important financial commitment. In a recent interview with the manager of Singapore Nirvana, he mentioned that typical customers of the plan are 40 years and above and have the image of safekeeping. This guide will also be useful for current customers of Singapore Nirvana to have a clear idea of the price they paid and what they got for that price. Finally, this guide will provide insight to the public about the Singapore Nirvana and the decisions of past customers who did not have a clear understanding of what they were paying for.

The Singapore Nirvana, an advanced concept in the afterlife service industry in Singapore, is already well known among the public. Although the concept was introduced only a couple of years ago, the reasonable pricing, the concept of the peaceful Buddhist image, and the practicality of this plan have drawn a lot of support and attention from the public. However, much still needs to be known about the Singapore Nirvana. The pricing of this plan is oftentimes obscure, and much confusion stems from the variations possible for the same item. The goal of this report is to provide a comprehensive guide to the pricing of the Singapore Nirvana, covering every aspect of the plan and the variations in prices possible for each item. With this guide, you will have a clear idea of the cost involved in the Singapore Nirvana and the reasons behind these costs.

Overview of Singapore Nirvana

To provide for multi-ethnic and multi-religious Singapore, Nirvana has established a number of parks to cater to different groups, which are non-exclusive and open to the public. While the 4 existing parks (Mandai, Sembawang, Yishun, and Tengah) remain open to all, 3 parks – one each for Hindus, Buddhists, and Soka Gakkai followers – have been gazetted as areas for prayer and the scattering of ashes; another first in the industry in Singapore. Step into a world of lush greenery that also carefully integrates garden landscapes with traditional architecture, iconography, and art of the respective faiths and cultures to immortalize noble teachings, customs, and traditions, and it is akin to visiting a religious heritage gallery set amidst gardens.

An innovative combination of the word ‘nirvana’ (meaning an ideal or idyllic state) with the intrinsic appeal of a garden and park, the concept of Singapore Nirvana offers solace and peace to those looking for the perfect final resting place for loved ones. Here, amidst verdant landscaping of trees and unspoilt foliage, our parks express the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Importance of Knowing the Price

The step to obtain the best price is comparing the prices from one shop to the others by asking the sellers or by viewing the price list that they have. Then make a decision which price offers the best value. The next step is finding the price information from the dealer or the merchant of the goods. Usually, to make it easier, people will find information from the media.

To other people, knowing the price is important because they are trying to get the best possible value on goods. This price comparison is usually done around people and it is a bit competitive in the market. And price comparison is only possible with the price information. If there is no information of price, then it will be impossible to know which one is better value because it can only be compared through the price difference. So the conclusion is, in order to get the best possible value, they will have to get very specific price information. This is why it will be very important to have price information on a particular item before they make a purchase.

In the case of knowing the price is important before we make a purchase, this is due to we would like to know about the exact amount of money that we will have to spend on a particular item. Usually, people do this for budgeting to see whether the price is reasonable for the items that they want to purchase or maybe it is too expensive.

Factors Affecting Nirvana Price in Singapore

A large determining factor of the price of a niche is the cultural or religious considerations. Singapore Nirvana prices are relative to the standard of living in an area and economic timing. An era of affluence will lead to higher niche prices while an economic downturn may see lower prices. The increase in life expectancy has also created a higher demand for niches. Muslims in Singapore are eligible for a burial plot at Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery; however, the scarcity of land and the increased price of burial plots has put a strain on the community. Non-eligibility of burial plots to some Muslims has made the niche an alternative, and there has been an increase in demand for Muslim niches.

The concept of a niche is not just the space in the wall or ground. It is an investment to ensure a proper resting place for the deceased for centuries to come. Purchasers often look for newly developed niche plots as there is the guarantee that they will not be exhumed at a certain future date to make way for newer facilities. Buying a niche at a columbarium provides the guarantee that there will be no weathering or vandalism to the niche. Pricing also depends on the quality of the surrounding area and its upkeep. Niches located near water features or built from high-quality marble can cost up to ten times more than a basic niche. High-end niches also have the option of interior decoration or renovation at an added cost.

The level of service, opulence, and comfort that a company provides comes with a cost, and this cost is transferred to the consumer. The funeral service industry is heavily characterized by market segments. There are entry-level three-day/two-night package deals for a funeral, and there are more elaborate and expensive week-long ones. There are also different religious niches specific to the religion. Buddhist and Taoist niches are more elaborately built and have a higher price compared to a Christian niche. A premium service also often includes additional keepsakes and mementos for the deceased, and possibly even a follow-up maintenance service for the niche.

Different areas in Singapore have varying price levels, and this applies to the price of a niche too. A niche in a premium location can cost a few times more than one in an HDB heartland. It is about the scarcity of land and the social status attached to the location. There is also the consideration of whether the niche is located in an indoor or outdoor area. Niche walls or slots are usually more expensive than those which are directly dug into the ground. Niche is a product of opportunity cost, as if a space can be used for something more profitable, the alternative cost will be factored into the price of the niche.


When considering the location of Nirvana services in Singapore, we recognize a distinction based often on socio-economic status of the population in the area. Typically, the more affluent areas will have higher Nirvana service costs. This finding is supported by our field interview with a funeral director, Steven (pseudonym), who was managing a Muslim funeral parlour. He had mentioned that the price of Muslim plots at Choa Chu Kang cemetery were significantly cheaper than Chinese land plots at the same cemetery. The Choa Chu Kang cemetery itself would be considered a low-cost public cemetery with separate Muslim and Christian/Muslim Chinese land plots. Comparatively, Steven’s parlour was previously located in Ghim Moh which had a Muslim land plot cost twice the price of those at Choa Chu Kang. Subsequently, the parlour relocated to Bukit Batok. See the disparity? Bukit Batok has a Chinese cremation park which is higher costs than the Muslim land plots at Choa Chu Kang. Now, Steven’s parlour serves all Muslims in Singapore but the location choice to move to Lower Bukit Timah was a strategic one. This relocation allowed for increased market segmentation and targeting of middle to upper-class income Muslims with expectations of providing quality services at prices they were willing to pay. A separate survey of funeral directors in the industry indicated that the most expensive land plots to conduct a traditional Buddhist or Taoist funeral in Singapore are at the Bright Hill Columbarium and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. All these findings are consistent with the simple economic principle as per our hypothesis. Services costs are reflective of the opportunity costs of resource allocations. E.g. Land, at a specific point in time.

Type of Service

In general terms, the type of niche services refers to a package of the final funeral ceremony for the deceased. The service can be in the form of a simple Taipei cremation, urn taking into indoor columbarium, or burial plot at a Singapore Government managed columbarium or a single journey to a niche premium package which includes a grand send-off. The sanctity of the service can also be translated to the serenity and atmosphere of the final resting place of the departed one. Most Singaporean Chinese practice three generations living under one roof, thus the place where a departed loved one will rest eternally becomes very important as when the time comes for the patriarch or matriarch of the family to join their loved ones, it will create an opportunity for a family reunion in the family lineage. The type of funeral service can affect the price dramatically. A traditional funeral service with an open or closed casket followed by a cemetery burial will cost much more than a direct cremation followed by a casual memorial service. Prices for the same services can also vary greatly between different funeral homes. Because it is often difficult for people to make informed decisions about funeral services and purchases, the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has endeavored to make price comparisons easier with the Funeral Rule, enforceable under the law set forth in 1984.

Additional Amenities

A higher level of convenience and comfort for visiting family members is often gained at the expense of increased pricing. This arises from the fact that facilities offering high-level convenience and comfort have higher maintenance and operational costs. A recent trend in the industry is the construction of niche display areas which mimic the layout of public housing flats in Singapore. These niche areas closely resemble the homes which the deceased had lived in prior to their passing. This is seen as a means to make the visit of the family more comfortable and convenient and hence easier to cope with.

In the case of a funeral or cremation service, the availability of seating for a larger number of guests is likely to increase the cost of the service. This is because it requires more space and a higher level of maintenance and cleanliness for the seating area. Seating areas are also often located in air-conditioned rooms in contrast to seating areas located outside, further adding a cost to the service.

The type and number of additional services play a large role in pricing and in the differentiation of services offered by different columbaria. Nirvana Memorial Garden offers a comprehensive range of additional services aimed to facilitate the visits of family members and these services range from the very basic to a high level of convenience and luxury. Some of these services which may affect pricing are the availability of car parks, air conditioning in the office, visitor’s rest room, and operational hours of certain facilities. A simple park and direct cremation service is likely to offer fewer additional services than one that is offering funeral, wake, and cremation services.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

This final category is where I think most Singaporeans would think the Nirvana prices are more just. I lump it together because the cultural and religious practices have a significant influence on funeral decisions. It is important to remember this does not make them right or wrong. But in terms of the service providing industry, understanding these differences puts consumers in good stead to find what they want. Firstly, on the religious side, Christianity and Islam do not practice cremation. In fact, the Christian cemetery at Choa Chu Kang had to be built with a wall to separate it from the neighboring crematorium. Hinduism favors scattering the ashes, which leaves only the Buddhists to use post-cremation services. Typically, funerals in any religion will last 3-5 days and involve a wake through the night. The difference with other religions lies in the day the rites are carried out. Buddhism, being non-theistic, does not have a concept of sin, so the deceased may be cremated any time from after death till the 7th day, whereby a simple collection of the ashes is usually done and breakfast provided for the monks who conduct the rite. The monks are key as they are the ones to make merit dedicated to the deceased through the chanting of sutras. Now the above may sound confusing for a non-Buddhist, and post-funeral services, in fact, come in many forms, but the key is the involving monks and sutra chanting. This provides a favorable environment for Nirvana, as the example budget plan on the website asks whether the customer would like to hire a minibus for the transportation of monks to the home for the rite. It is seen here that understanding the customer’s practices is crucial to the service industry. A similar case exists for Japanese post-funeral rites, whereby it is considered necessary to invite the spirit of the deceased back to commemorate the 49th day after death, to ensure it is ready to move on to the next life. Steps will be taken to make these practices apparent on the homepage. An example being the Clarity plan under the Buddhist tab, which states that a Bodhi scribe will be present to write the deceased’s aspirations.

Understanding the Pricing Structure

Basic Packages

The third is the Buddhists Pre-Requirement package. This package is taken by a large number of people. It includes many features and is affordable. This package includes the setup of a burial plot, funeral service, religious ritual and the offering symbolic. Then the package has two options; one is the double niche option and the second is the family niche option. These both options are the setup of a columbarium and one is provided to choose according to the dependencies. This is the most convenient and low-cost pre-planning provided by Nirvana Singapore.

The second is the Christian Columbarium package. This package has a few more features than the simple pre-need plan. The duration of this package is about 5 years. The features include the arrangement of funeral service, religious ritual, an offering symbolic and a sermon by the Pastor and a few options. This package is mostly taken by the Christian community people.

The first type of package is for the people who do not want to spend more on just a pre-planning. This package is called the simple funeral package. This package includes a very simple pre-planning and the pre-need arrangement and a few more options. It is the least expensive pre-planning provided by Nirvana Singapore. Because of its simplicity, many people choose this package.

Singapore is one of the most advanced countries offering numerous facilities and packages to its people. There are thousands of people originating from different communities and countries in Singapore. It is really challenging job to keep everyone happy and relaxed. Nirvana Singapore, realizing the growing need of its services in Singapore, has offered several packages and facilities for the local as well as foreign people living in Singapore. The packages are designed keeping the needs and convenience of the people. The packages have several options and have their own features. The packages are very affordable and convenient.

Customization Options

For those with complex needs in long-term care such as chronic disease management and end of life care, A1 and A2 patients have a choice between a Ward and Single bedded room in a nursing home. (Excludes patients who are mentally unwell and have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act). A1W patients pay better value for a similar level of service and treatment, while A2SB patients can have a more comfortable environment at a small extra cost.

Patients in acute units at hospitals have the option of adding on a bedside TV rental service at $4/day. This service can be especially useful for patients with an extended length of stay. Step-down and rehabilitation patients may opt for Community Hospitals as they are a cheaper alternative to acute hospital wards and many treatments are available the same. 5% of these patients may still prefer treatment at the specialist level and can have this arranged through contacting the doctor at Niranvana.

For those who opt for A1 – Class of Ward, these patients have the option of choosing between treatment at the Specialist or Consultant level; this is given that certain procedures require the expertise of a Specialist. Those who opt for the Specialist treatment pay approximately 10% more than those receiving the same treatment at the Consultant level. This difference is due to the higher cost of a better-trained doctor. A1 patients will also have to decide whether to receive treatment at an inpatient or outpatient level. This decision is usually based on the type of procedure and individual medical needs. Outpatient treatments cost approximately 30% less than inpatient treatments. The main consideration here is the medical efficacy and personal preference of patients, as the differing cost makes little difference to those who are already paying for a medical appointment.

One of the most unique and appealing features of Singapore Niranvana Prices is the wide variety of customization options that are available to patients. This is an excellent feature as the package that one opts for a medical treatment is becoming more and more essential in determining the delivery and quality of the products and services. The patients can mix and match treatment and accommodation, balancing price and quality to suit their personal needs. This allows patients a great degree of flexibility and control in choosing their medical and healthcare package at Singapore Niranvana. The customization options will be detailed here on the basis of the patient’s choice of accommodation.

Payment Plans and Financing

As of the writing of this guide, there are three payment plans. Prices are subject to change. The first is an “instalment plan”, in which you make a down payment of 50% before delivery and pay the remaining 50% in one lump sum three months after the delivery date. This plan carries a 5% surcharge on the total price. The second is a “leasing plan.” You make a down payment of three months rental before delivery. After the three months have concluded, you pay the remaining amount as if you had purchased the guitar on the hire purchase plan. This method is explained in the next paragraph. The leasing plan carries a 10% surcharge on the total price. Lastly, there is a “credit card hire-purchase plan.” This plan can only be done using a credit card issued in Singapore. This plan allows you to split the cost of the guitar over the span of two to three years. The price of the guitar, however, must total at least $1000. There is also a requirement that you must be receiving an annual income of $30,000 or more. Do make sure these requirements are met with your credit card company before applying. This plan also carries a 5% surcharge on the total price.

Comparing Nirvana Prices in Singapore

We compared the price list of consumer items from Malay newspapers published in Malaysia and Singapore. We compiled items that were similar in 40 categories. In the calculation, we added 7% GST to all items in Singapore. We also took into account the exchange rate of SG 1 = RM 3. We found that the price difference was about 90%. This means that with RM 10,000, a consumer can purchase items that are equivalent to SGD 10,000 in Singapore. This is because the cost of living in Malaysia is about 40% cheaper than in Singapore. From our survey, it is apparent that the prices of all the packages and the services offered by the two companies are relatively similar in Malaysia and in Singapore. This is qualified by the fact that the prices of the services as listed in the price list are final and inclusive of GST with no hidden cost or surcharge. The only difference would be that in Singapore, a 7% GST would be added to the price of all items. From the interviews, it was said that the two companies do incur higher operational costs in Singapore as compared to Malaysia. However, this does not affect the price of their services. Both companies charge the same price for flights of deceased from Malaysia or Singapore back to their “home-town” in Indonesia or from Indonesia to Malaysia or Singapore. The only difference would be the exchange rate incurred for the cost of foreign exchange in Singapore. This rate is again fixed by the bank and hence does not affect the pricing. From our survey, we found that the cost of availability to Nirvana would be slightly cheaper in Singapore considering the higher cost Malaysians would incur by flight to Taiwan including the cost of airline fuel surcharge. This is because flights from Malaysia to Singapore are relatively cheaper. Due to a pooled quota for all of our packages, salesperson tend to give further discounts and free gifts to our consumers in Singapore or Malaysia. This would again depend on the promotional campaign at the time. Any discounts or free gifts in Singapore will be similarly implemented in Malaysia.

Researching Different Providers

Discuss the needs of your family and your requirements. Offer the service provider an insight into the expectations that you have of the funeral service. Inquire on relevant services provided based on religious or cultural preferences.

Prepare a list of questions for the service providers. Compare prices and services offered by different providers before making a choice. Remember that comparing prices does not mean to always select the cheapest option. What is important is the cost compared to the services and items that you are getting. A cheaper option may not always represent the best value, while a higher priced option may not always be of the best quality.

Families researching funeral services often feel pressured to make quick decisions about a choice of funeral services provider. This section is designed to help consumers take control of the situation by making informed choices in comparing prices and services offered by different providers.

Evaluating Quality of Services

Higher budget packages offer vastly superior caskets at around 3-4 times the standard price. These caskets are made of high-quality materials and take on more elegant and pleasing designs. While this may be deemed excessive as it is merely a vessel for the body, the idea behind it is to properly honor the deceased as well as the family. Step into the future, and the procurement of a niche will also set a standard and price range for different services. A niche can be a final resting place for a loved one, and sometimes it will be purchased for permanent use.

Within the most basic package, Nirvana offers a choice between wooden and metal caskets, of which appearances are average at best. Wooden caskets are around RM2000 and are very simple, no-frills caskets. While they function the same, they are not aesthetically pleasing to most when remembering how the deceased should present a dignified image.

In terms of material and design, caskets can vary greatly in price and quality. Though it may be difficult to rationalize purchasing a more expensive casket, there are certain situations where it would be more viable.

When evaluating the quality of services in comparison with pricing, it is important to take note of subtle differences. It may be easy to overlook minor details in services against price, but such oversights would defeat the whole purpose of this exercise. Given that most of us have an idea of what level of service we want to purchase, this step is designed to bring Nirvana package offerings into perspective. Take note of what exactly is being offered between different price ranges. Perhaps one of the most apparent service differences is that of the casket.

Considering Long-Term Benefits

Investors often believe in keeping an eye on the long term. This is because many investments often yield positive returns in the long run, making it a wise decision for the future. This notion applies to the purchase of a prepaid funeral plan. A study conducted by Lincoln Financial Group in the United States identified that on average, funerals which are not prepaid increase by two to four times over two decades due to inflation. Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is also a politically stable country and is free from natural disasters, making it one of the safest nations globally. However, it does not mean that the country is free from anything unfortunate happening in the future. Measures announced in Singapore’s Budget 2012, such as increases in fees for medical services at public healthcare institutions and foreign worker levy, are often to mitigate rising costs of providing for these services to Singaporeans. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the implications of purchasing a funeral plan in today’s dollars and cents. Jean is currently considering a funeral plan for herself as she is not getting any younger. A good friend of hers had recently purchased a prepaid funeral plan from a reputable undertaker. The plan seems comprehensive and the price is very attractive. The first thought that comes to her mind is to obtain a quotation from the same undertaker that her friend had engaged. However, Jean is someone who has a high regard for planning ahead. She has heard of how prices of various goods and services can increase over time due to inflation. This may mean that the decision on purchasing a funeral plan can be revisited, but it may be costly to obtain the same value in the future. Jean is keen to find out if there are any differences in the cost of the plan her friend had purchased. If there are any, she would like to know why. This is a classic economic problem of comparing the value of two products at two different points in time.


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