Tips To Improve Your Bike’s Mileage

Owning a bike is a convenient way to navigate India’s busy roads. From well-maintained highways to rugged mountain roads, bikes provide versatility. However, a crucial responsibility for bike owners is maintaining current two-wheeler bike insurance online, with at least third-party coverage mandated by Indian Motor Laws.

Opt for comprehensive bike insurance online, as third-party coverage doesn’t protect your bike from theft, accidents, or damages. This policy covers both your bike and third-party liabilities. Comparing and buying bike insurance online is easy. Renewing your bike insurance online is quick and straightforward, ensuring financial security and legal compliance. Maintaining a bike’s high mileage is crucial for efficient ownership. *

Here’s How To Increase Your Bike’s Mileage

  1. Keep Your Speed Constant While Driving:Maintaining a steady speed is one of the simplest ways to increase your bike’s mileage. A bike’s acceleration uses a lot of fuel, and the brakes are typically applied suddenly afterwards.

Your bike will get poor mileage if you keep changing the speed you are riding it. As a result, you must ride your bike steadily, respect the posted speed limits, and avoid frequently and excessively accelerating it.

  1. Fill Your Bike With High-Quality Fuel: fuel is similar to food for a bike. Just as the quality of the food you put into your body has a significant impact, the fuel you use for your bike impacts its overall performance, including its mileage.

Purchasing premium gasoline for your bike is the easiest way to extend the range of your gasoline-powered vehicle. This can be achieved by selecting authorised petrol stations, almost guaranteed to stock high-quality fuel. The same holds for motorcycles powered by diesel.

  1. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure:

Your bike’s tires, like your lungs, require precise air pressure for optimal function. Keeping them at the ideal pressure ensures flawless operation and high mileage. Uneven tire pressure can lead to problems such as poor fuel economy and compromised braking. Establish a routine of checking tire pressure whenever you refuel.

  1. Turn Off The Engine During Stops:

Leaving your bike running during brief stops or at traffic signals may seem insignificant, but the cumulative effect can impact fuel efficiency. While a short idle period might be acceptable, turning off the engine for longer stops saves fuel, positively influencing mileage.

  1. Timely Bike Servicing:

Bikes, akin to other machines, need regular downtime for rest and maintenance. Pay close attention to your bike’s service schedule, maintaining a record and adhering to the service calendar. Regular servicing is crucial for extending the bike’s life and addressing issues promptly.

While we tend to service our bikes diligently in the first year, it’s common to forget as time passes. Regular maintenance is crucial for extending your bike’s lifespan and identifying any damage promptly.

Ensure your bike achieves optimal mileage by driving steadily, using premium fuel, maintaining tire pressure, turning off your bike at stops, and regular maintenance. Stay aware of your Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance renewal date and conveniently renew it online on our website.

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