What are SEO Trends Everyone Will be talking of in 2023

 SEO Trends


The beating heart of digital marketing, search engine optimization or SEO is not a field which stands still. Changes in technology and audience behavior drive most trends related to SEO.

As a topic of discussion, SEO trends are very popular in many digital marketing circles. From an online training program to a offline SEO course, trends related to the field are discussed very often.

In this article, we discuss three top SEO trends which could have a large impact in 2023.

Local SEO

According to Delhi Courses, in a press conference held at Delhi last week, The most important SEO trend in the coming year, local search engine optimization is expected to bring many more small companies and businesses into the fold of digital marketing.

Local SEO, as the name suggests, is a way for businesses to target local audiences which can be converted with much greater ease than a more general audience.

For example, a restaurant owner in Noida can use local SEO to promote his business to people living in Noida specifically. Since Noida residents are much more likely to be converted than people from other far-off places, local SEO becomes a much more efficient option.

To perform local SEO, digital marketers have to identify powerful keywords which have high local relevance.

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Audio Technologies

Ever since smartphones have become commonplace, the push towards audio-based assistance and navigation has been present from the beginning.

We are at the stage now where every average smartphone has an excellent audio assistant. Many users in fact prefer audio search and navigation instead of manual control.

The impact of audio technologies on SEO has been very interesting. SEO, a practice based on improving search engine visibility is primarily run through a clear understanding of keywords. Searching habits of people using audio search are vastly different. For instance, long-tail keywords are much more common in audio search as searchers tend to be more specific in audio search.

YouTube SEO

If a picture tells a thousand stories, how many stories would a video tell?

Amongst the most seismic SEO trends discussed in this article, video marketing is perhaps the most game-changing, and the one video platform most brands and companies wish to master is YouTube SEO.

Some years ago, video marketing seemed a distant dream because the financial cost of creating regular videos was astronomical as compared to creating written content. However, as the quality of video recording on mobiles has improved and the audience itself has shown a liking towards consuming raw video content, brands and companies have warmed up to the idea of video marketing.

The need for YouTube SEO to make sure a video is discoverable on the platform is obvious. Like traditional SEO, YouTube SEO is also anchored around keywords. Thus, any business venturing into video marketing would also have to take into account the need for YouTube SEO.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covered three important SEO trends which could shake up the field in the coming year. Those working in the industry should take the trends discussed above carefully.


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